DNA Microarrays
How to put 30,000 human genes on one glass slide. Slide 1. Patrick Brown descibes a microarry, slide 3. how to make an array slide, slide 3. a movie of a microarray, and slide 4. the result of a experiment


Use of Restriction endonulcease enzymes for gene cloning.
EcoR1 cuts open plasmid DNA strands and foreign DNA can be spliced into the plasmid and bacteria grown to make the protein of the inserted gene... Genetic Engineering. slide 1 - a DNA plasmid map withe restriction cut site slide 2 - a movie on use of restriction enzymes used for gene cloning.


TRANSLATION - protein syntheis
a real-time animation of the process of translation - reading of the mRNA to incorporate new animo acids into a growing polypeptide.


Copying of parental DNA into two complimentary DNA strands: continuous and discontinuous synthesis.


Visualization of Transcription by Roger Kornberg
The 2006 Nobel Prize in Chemistry went to Roger Kornberg of Stanford University for his detailed description of the molecular processes of transcription.


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