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Become one of the first members of the new DNA Interactive online teaching community, myDNAi! Please take a few minutes to register by filling out this form. Registration is free and will allow you access to all the features supported by myDNAi.

Once you login to myDNAi, you will be able to personalize and host your own web page and create lessons for use in your classroom using the debut version of Lesson Builder.

Lesson Builder is a sophisticated application that allows you to build online lessons using the media found on DNAi, including photographs, graphics, 2-D animations, interactive games, 3-D animations, and video clips. With Lesson Builder, you also have access to media that didn't make it onto the web site! We welcome your feedback about this tool to help us eliminate bugs and to upgrade features as we continue to enhance the myDNAi site.

At your myDNAi personalized web page, you will also have access to the DNAi Teacher Guide with student activities and special offers only available to the myDNAi community.

If you choose, you will be notified about new programs and updated materials from the Dolan DNA Learning Center and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

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